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Updated Thursday April 27, 2017 2:22 PM

Captain Curt's Perch Rigs.

Captain Curts Perch Rigs banner

45lb. Nylon Coated Cable. This one of a kind perch rig holds the line tight when fishing suspended fish. Excellent fishing on the bottom for Yellow Perch, or any other fish. The egg sinker allows fish to strike and take the bait with little weight resistance, and you feel the strikes a lot quicker. By pulling the colored plastic sleeve over the hook lears it keeps from getting tangled around your perch rig cable.

Captain Curts Perch Rigs picture

3/4 OZ. Captain Curt's Perch Rigs FIVE PACK assorted colors
$10.00 per five pack.

1 OZ. Captain Curt's Perch Rigs FIVE PACK assorted colors
$10.00 per five pack.