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Aurora Lites Tackle's number one goal is to help you catch more fish!

Phone: 216-287-1096

Updated Thursday March 28, 2013 4:26 PM

LPG Fishing Rod Holders

lpg fishing rod holders

If you have any questions please give us a call or send an email

LPG Fishing Rod Holders are available to order here online, email, or by phone 216-287-1096.


LPG Fishing Systems Standard Gimbal Mount Fishing Rod Holders.

LPG 804 Triple Tube Gimbal Mount Fishing Rod Holders.
$120 Each.


Includes gimbal mount, 2 foot trac, and 3 standard tube fishing rod holders. To be used with existing flush mount fishing rod holders. The Gimbal Mount Slides into your flush mount fishing rod holder with no need to drill any holes. Each fishing rod holder allows 360 degree rotation. 

LPG Triple fishing rod holders with gimbal mount


LPG Fishing Systems Stainless Steel Rail Mount Fishing Rod Holders $25 Each.


Heavy duty stainless steel clamp on fishing rod holder adjusts to 7/8" or 1" round rails. Includes protective vinyl cap and has an open bottom.

LPG 400 Includes 4 foot of trac, 4 standard fishing rod holders, and all hardware necessary to secure rod holders to trac.
$120 Each.


LPG quad fishing rod holders

LPG 502 Single Rod Holder Replacement $30 Each.

LPG single rod holder


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