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Aurora Lites Tackle's number one goal is to help you catch more fish!

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Updated Thursday March 28, 2013 4:26 PM

Tru-Trip Deep Diver

Get your bait into the strike zone with the Tru-Trip Deep Diver. The True Trip Deep Diver can achieve a 50 foot depth with only 100 feet of 30 pound braided line out while trolling at 2 miles per hour. Built by Big Fish Tough & Made In The U.S.A.

Tru-Trip 50 Deep Divers

Tru-Trip Deep Diver Smoke Color

Tru-Trip 50 Deep Divers Smoke Color $11.00 Each.


Tru-Trip 50 Deep Divers Dive Curves.
Tru-Trip Deep Diver dive curves

Tru-Trip 40 Deep Divers

Tru-Trip Deep Diver Smoke Color

Tru-Trip 40 Deep Divers Smoke Color $11.00 Each.


Tru-Trip 40 Deep Divers Dive Curves.
Tru Trip 40 dive curves



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